Da fuck

Over the weekend  I felt this need to journal.  Some things were taking place around me and I kept on feeling the need to write about them.  These are things that I've known that bother me from my friends but never had acted on them... until this year.

I have a friend that happens to be undocumented in this country and thinks that owns the world.  She is living her vida loca thinking that she is a model owning the latest fashions from around the world. She makes ok money so that allows her to buy things but whenever she needs to conduct business line any other person, she finds bumps in the road and looks for ways out to satisfy those unecessary needs that she has... i.e. now she wants an iphone.  I told her that in my opinion, she needed to buy a computer with internet before she would get an iphone... for her not to think that I was going to solve her problems setting this device on my computer and always taking care of things like I do with her ipod.  Last week she left me this long ass message how she needed new music and she wanted again to come to my house to upload music into her ipod.  I ignored the voicemessage.
Last night she called me asking if I could go online to get her a phone number for a store that sells a sweater that she saw in a magazine and it's fabu.  I was nice and got her the number... they only have stores in London so I gave her the London number... she called me back and said "the call is not going through."  I said oh I wonder what's going on... do you have a long distance carrier?  Then she proceeded to ask me if I could buy her the sweater and that she would give me the money.  I simply said:  the phone number that I gave you is the one listed on their website, keep on calling.  If you can not be fabulous on your own, don't be.

I've been hanging out with a latino couple that I've known for about 2 years.  One of them thinks that everyone has the hots for him. I used to smile to his comments until yesterday that I decided to turn my face away and engage in conversation with someone else.  If everyone would be after you, then you would not be with who you are stupid... deal with it.  If that was the case, you would be whoring around like single people do. Stop your diluted I'm hot ideas and deal with reality.

Da fuck


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I've snapped out of it...

I knew this depressive mode was not going to last long in me.  I have snapped out of it.  I have to tell you I didn't like it at all.

This will be my last weekend at the University going through coursework.  After this week, you will have to call me Doctor.  J/K

There is too much going on this weekend.  I will start heading to school by 1PM and was planning on staying out there the weekend but I will be coming home every evening.  I want to ride my bike there. It's about 40 miles away from the city... will it rain? 

Tomorrow there is a birthday party of a long time friend... and also an event for an organization that I began helping on their board of directors... decisions to make... which one should I attend?

The weekend promises to be good... the real question after this weekend is... what the hell am I going to do with my free weekends?  Ayyy
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I feel like I've hit rock bottom

These last couple of days I've not been my usual self.  I'm usually someone that remains positive regardless of what life brings.  I've learned to turn adversity into positive experiences but these last couple of days, I've found it difficult to do,

For the past week, I've had low back pain.  I took advils as regular pills, two in the morning and two at night... a trick that a RN friend of mine taught ne but yesterday after a week of dealing with the pain, decided it was time to go and see the doctor after the pain was not going away.  To top it all, yesterday I felt like I was getting a throat infection and sure enough, my throat was in fire all night.  I had to call my dr. today to ask him to call in a prescription for me to the pharmacy.  He just finally did it and now I will go and get those pills.

I know good things are coming my way, but I don't seem to find my muse... don't have any motivation and/or desire for any aspirations at this time. 

I think that I've hit rock bottom... anything after this should be ok to handle... I guess.
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So many changes...

I can't believe how much time has passed since I did an entry in you dear journal.

This past month I had the pleasure of doing another presentation at Creating Change 2010... wow...

2009 was a year of change.  After a very tough year, my ex and I decided to go our own separate ways.  I think it was the best decision we did togehter since we couldn't tolerate one another. 

The beginning of this year has been very busy wiht the activism that I have been doing for the past years... I was in Puerto Rico at the end of January, Dallas during the first week in February... then DC... then NYC the first week of this March month...

I will soon be finished with the coursework of my PhD program... one more month and then I will be given one year to finish up my dissertation process.  I can't wait for me to be on my own doing my research...

I can't believe that a friend of mine that posted something in my previous 2009 post passes away.  I was shocked when I heard about it...

In the meantime.... I'm here trying to remain busy... cheers.

I have to applaud the efforts of Starbucks.

Yesterday I was happy to see that Starbucks was really getting a competitive advantage from the presidential inauguration.  I think that you know what I'm talking about it.

I will try to do the same in my job... I will use people's excitement to get the most out of them.

My favorite inclusion word of the week is "we."
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Another presidential inauguration...

I hope that it's not just me but... why are people crying and being so emotional about this presidential inauguration?

I personally haven't heard anything new that we have not heard in the past inaugurations and the promises of politicians.

Is it that he is the first Black president that the U.S.A. has?  Is it that people feel hopeless and Barack's charisma gives them the sense of hope?

I personally remain impartial.  I have been close enough to politicians that I personally haven't seen anything new so far.  The interesting way how his speech was delivered is simple by using "we" into anything that he said. 

Do "we" truly believe that we're included in the decision making process now?
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Just want to say hello

I just want to say hello to all of you.  Paul thank you for checking on me and my progress of my life.

As you can imagine, I have been extremely busy not just with school but also with work. I changed jobs as of the first of last month.... so getting a rythm at a new place is always interesting.

I'm currently as you can imagine, writing and getting my thoughts together to present a proposal to the Academy of Management for a symposium.  I won't elaborate much on this subject since the process is very competitive and I don't want to ruin my chance of presenting there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still alive and having my fun at the gym with some of my buddies...

I will be in Texas for X-mas and the new year.  I will be in Devner at the end of January to present at the Creating Change Conference.

Don't be shy... say hello to me once in a while.

You can alwyas write to me at

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Something to brag about...

I am so fucking happy and I have no one to share my excitement and those that I have around me don't really understand why what I'm communicating is a big deal.

The reson for my lack of posts is because now I have a different avenue to focus my writing to.  As many of you know, I started a PhD program in Organization Development about 3.5 months to be exact and after getting my first paper evaluated, I have my dissertation chair.  It is the colleague that I thougth of right from the beginning that I would love to have as a chair of my dissertation commitee.  

The selection of your dissertation committee takes place further into the proram but today I was approached by this individual that is interested in being my chair.  Traditionally you have to research about their topics of interest, appeal to them and approach them to see if they are interested in what you have to say... and yes... I was approached just right after my first paper!

When I got the call at my office, I could not believe what I was being told.  My first question was:  So you don't think that I am crazy ah?  You beieve in and you're interested in what I'm writing about right?  

The answer was "yes, what you are communicating is extremely exciting... no one has approached the field from this perspective and I think that if you keep on writing about your topic and the way you did it in this first paper, you will get many of your articles published."

My next question was... but I had not written a professional paper in about 8 years... is it ok?  "I can't believe you are saying this, you haven't written a paper in 8 years and this is the way you write about the field? "  I said yes.  "Well we have lots of work to do together then."

I am still excited about that phone call.