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Post pride weekend

Pride weekends was good this year.

Friday the event at the Center was very nice.  The food was just excellent... the drinks even better.  I tried the new Chill beer.  It's a beer chelada style... not bad.  I kind of like it.  BTW I'm on the board of directors of this organization.  If you want to check out what they do, the website is www.centeronhalsted.org .  

After the bbque, my gang and I did a leather invasion at Cellblock.  Yes you heard it... Cellblock is supposed to be a leather bar here in Chicago that has lost it's leather appeal.  I was horrified when I went into what it used to be the back room.  They painted the space some terracota color and they put high tables and stools instead of the chain web and the St. Andrew's cross and the holding cell.  I can't belive it.  There is no leather bar in the gay ghetto now!

Saturday I attended the Pride Fest during the day.  Saw enough drag performances... enough said!  We ended up at Touché for drinks and fun.

Sunday I met the gang in front of Cellblock to watch the parade.  It was a fun parade.  We headed to Touché for bbque afterwards.  

Yesterday was a day to recover!


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