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Weekend update

This was a fun weekend!

Friday evening I started the weekend by going to Fiesta del Sol to eat dinner.  I love going to this festival because the Mexican food that they sell is very traditional.  Year after year, I'm loyal to Jovita's enchiladas.  I love the way they make them.  It's sad that they haven't opened a restaurant where their recipe could gain further attention.  For $5 you get a plate with 4 enchiladas!  I can't believe I had dinner here in Chicago for $5... unbelievable...  

After eating dinner I walked around the festival to see what was new...  I was fascinated to find out some cool shirts by www.no-manches.com .  They are cool.  

After relaxing a bit at home, I got ready to go out.  Upon my arrival at Touché, Jeff was waiting outside of Mephisto.  After saying hello he asked me if I could help him load the firemen coats and boots that he was picking up from there.  The drama is that Joey and Rob (IL Leather boy and Sir) got evicted from the place.  Joey and Rob went into business with Eric of Mephisto and what I hear is that Mephisto is in financial trouble.  Joey claims that he is already owed $50K and got into an argument with Eric.  So Eric in his rage evicted them.  Joey is a piercer who had his shop at the Mephisto store.  Poor Joey... 

After helping Jeff get his 30 pairs of firmen boots and 30 coats, I was ready for some cold beers.  We went into my bar and started drinking.  I drank 3 non stop.  I was so thirsty...  Then lit up my cigar and prepared to have a good time.  I happened to run into Tim timsimms and talked to him for a bit.  He was celebrating his birthday this weekend!  Happy birthday again papi! 

After Touché Jeff, Ursus, George and I went to Jackhammer for a bit... Then I headed to Charlies to meet Antonio, Edgardo, Diego and Antonio's friends Manuel and Jean Carlo that were visiting from Puerto Rico.  Manuel was just a hot chocolate man!  I did not leave Charlies until they closed at 4:00 A.M.  I stopped by Manhandler for a quickie and went home to sleep.

Saturday I got up around noon and cleaned the house.  Since we haven't had a cleaning lady for a while, our house was a disaster.  I finally had the energy to clean it.  I am happy to report that I now have a very clean house!  I am proud that I did it.  I love cleanliness but hate doing the cleaning...  By the time I realized it was already dark and got ready to go and judge the Cowboy Eye for the Leather Guy contest.  I had to dress appropriately for the occasion.  I was asked though if for sure I did not want to be in the contest.  I said no that I had to give a chance to others that have never been cowboys before to experience that.  Since I am from Texas... you know I have cowboy boots and hats and all the garb...  It was fun.  I had to leave early because the manager of the store that provided the clothing for the event wanted to come home with me.  He is a very masculine muscurlar latino man, but not my type...  He asked me though if I wanted to be in their fashion show two weeks from now that benefits the Gay Rodeo and I said of course.  I think that he felt that since he asked me to do that, that I was going to sleep with him... don't know...  Here's a picture of that night.

Sunday, I headed to Homo Depot to get the threshold piece of wood that I needed for the bedroom.  Since I installed the slate floor in the bedroom the threshold was the only piece that I needed so my floor would be completely finished.  I had procrastinated for a couple of weeks until this Sunday... I did that during the day then went to eat enchiladas at Fiesta again!!!

That's all my friends!


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