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Ottawa part 1

I can't  believe that I haven't had a chance to write on my journal...

Too many t hings have happened since my last post.  

Let's start with things that I can remember...  Well August 24-26 I was in Ottawa for their Ottawa Leather Fest.  It was a very well put pansexual leather run.  I had been asked to go and facilitate a caning and paddling and I agreed to so.  Friday early morning I got to O'hare to get an early flight to Ottawa.  Drama... I was bumped to the next flight because it was a small plane and they had enough weight on the plane and it needed extra fuel in it... darn... I had to wait for the next flight around noon. At first I was upset because I had everything planned and now things had to wait.  The good thing that came out of it is that I got a $250 voucher for the incovenience... oh well.

During the flight when I was filiing out the Canadian customs delcaration form, I realized that I was bringing weapons into the country... The paddles and canes that I had put in my suitcase are considered weapons.  Oh well, I hoped for the best, for them not to open my suit case.  We arrived in Ottawa and the immigration officer graciously welcomed me with "Bonjour, bienvenue au Canada."  I sighed of happiness and started my conversation in French with the officer.  He made the statement that my passport was new.  I let him flip through the pages to see what else he would say and the flipping of pages continued until I told him that it was a new passport because my old one had expired and asked him if he wanted to see my old passport that I had it with me.  He said yes and when he flipped the first page, he had enough... LOL
He stamped my passport and said "Have fun."  I proceeded to customs and luckily they were not interested in opening my suitcase...cool.

Since I arrived later than I expected, I decided to catch a cab instead of taking the bus as my friends had advised me to do.  As soon as I go to the beautiful boutique hotel (www.arcthehotel.com) I called Michel to get the plans going.  We were supposed to do lunch but it was already around 5 and it was time to go to the opening of the event.  We decided that we would meet at the event and decide if we wanted to do dinner instead.  I wanted to be at the event because Alex was presenting his new movie about BDSM Couples.
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