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So many changes...

I can't believe how much time has passed since I did an entry in you dear journal.

This past month I had the pleasure of doing another presentation at Creating Change 2010... wow...

2009 was a year of change.  After a very tough year, my ex and I decided to go our own separate ways.  I think it was the best decision we did togehter since we couldn't tolerate one another. 

The beginning of this year has been very busy wiht the activism that I have been doing for the past years... I was in Puerto Rico at the end of January, Dallas during the first week in February... then DC... then NYC the first week of this March month...

I will soon be finished with the coursework of my PhD program... one more month and then I will be given one year to finish up my dissertation process.  I can't wait for me to be on my own doing my research...

I can't believe that a friend of mine that posted something in my previous 2009 post passes away.  I was shocked when I heard about it...

In the meantime.... I'm here trying to remain busy... cheers.
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