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I feel like I've hit rock bottom

These last couple of days I've not been my usual self.  I'm usually someone that remains positive regardless of what life brings.  I've learned to turn adversity into positive experiences but these last couple of days, I've found it difficult to do,

For the past week, I've had low back pain.  I took advils as regular pills, two in the morning and two at night... a trick that a RN friend of mine taught ne but yesterday after a week of dealing with the pain, decided it was time to go and see the doctor after the pain was not going away.  To top it all, yesterday I felt like I was getting a throat infection and sure enough, my throat was in fire all night.  I had to call my dr. today to ask him to call in a prescription for me to the pharmacy.  He just finally did it and now I will go and get those pills.

I know good things are coming my way, but I don't seem to find my muse... don't have any motivation and/or desire for any aspirations at this time. 

I think that I've hit rock bottom... anything after this should be ok to handle... I guess.

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