El Chingón (leatherguychi) wrote,
El Chingón

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I've snapped out of it...

I knew this depressive mode was not going to last long in me.  I have snapped out of it.  I have to tell you I didn't like it at all.

This will be my last weekend at the University going through coursework.  After this week, you will have to call me Doctor.  J/K

There is too much going on this weekend.  I will start heading to school by 1PM and was planning on staying out there the weekend but I will be coming home every evening.  I want to ride my bike there. It's about 40 miles away from the city... will it rain? 

Tomorrow there is a birthday party of a long time friend... and also an event for an organization that I began helping on their board of directors... decisions to make... which one should I attend?

The weekend promises to be good... the real question after this weekend is... what the hell am I going to do with my free weekends?  Ayyy
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