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Da fuck

Over the weekend  I felt this need to journal.  Some things were taking place around me and I kept on feeling the need to write about them.  These are things that I've known that bother me from my friends but never had acted on them... until this year.

I have a friend that happens to be undocumented in this country and thinks that owns the world.  She is living her vida loca thinking that she is a model owning the latest fashions from around the world. She makes ok money so that allows her to buy things but whenever she needs to conduct business line any other person, she finds bumps in the road and looks for ways out to satisfy those unecessary needs that she has... i.e. now she wants an iphone.  I told her that in my opinion, she needed to buy a computer with internet before she would get an iphone... for her not to think that I was going to solve her problems setting this device on my computer and always taking care of things like I do with her ipod.  Last week she left me this long ass message how she needed new music and she wanted again to come to my house to upload music into her ipod.  I ignored the voicemessage.
Last night she called me asking if I could go online to get her a phone number for a store that sells a sweater that she saw in a magazine and it's fabu.  I was nice and got her the number... they only have stores in London so I gave her the London number... she called me back and said "the call is not going through."  I said oh I wonder what's going on... do you have a long distance carrier?  Then she proceeded to ask me if I could buy her the sweater and that she would give me the money.  I simply said:  the phone number that I gave you is the one listed on their website, keep on calling.  If you can not be fabulous on your own, don't be.

I've been hanging out with a latino couple that I've known for about 2 years.  One of them thinks that everyone has the hots for him. I used to smile to his comments until yesterday that I decided to turn my face away and engage in conversation with someone else.  If everyone would be after you, then you would not be with who you are stupid... deal with it.  If that was the case, you would be whoring around like single people do. Stop your diluted I'm hot ideas and deal with reality.

Da fuck



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