August 7th, 2008


Something to brag about...

I am so fucking happy and I have no one to share my excitement and those that I have around me don't really understand why what I'm communicating is a big deal.

The reson for my lack of posts is because now I have a different avenue to focus my writing to.  As many of you know, I started a PhD program in Organization Development about 3.5 months to be exact and after getting my first paper evaluated, I have my dissertation chair.  It is the colleague that I thougth of right from the beginning that I would love to have as a chair of my dissertation commitee.  

The selection of your dissertation committee takes place further into the proram but today I was approached by this individual that is interested in being my chair.  Traditionally you have to research about their topics of interest, appeal to them and approach them to see if they are interested in what you have to say... and yes... I was approached just right after my first paper!

When I got the call at my office, I could not believe what I was being told.  My first question was:  So you don't think that I am crazy ah?  You beieve in and you're interested in what I'm writing about right?  

The answer was "yes, what you are communicating is extremely exciting... no one has approached the field from this perspective and I think that if you keep on writing about your topic and the way you did it in this first paper, you will get many of your articles published."

My next question was... but I had not written a professional paper in about 8 years... is it ok?  "I can't believe you are saying this, you haven't written a paper in 8 years and this is the way you write about the field? "  I said yes.  "Well we have lots of work to do together then."

I am still excited about that phone call.